BIO / by Chris richardson

For the past 10 years Chris Richardson has been working in post production as a sound designer, mixer and audio editor/recordist. He received a BFA in Sound design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008.  Chris worked as an intern and tape room operator for the Cartoon Network in 2008.  He then moved into an audio engineering/sound design gig with Magick Lantern in Atlanta, GA.  Making his way to Los Angeles in 2011 he worked as a sound designer for The Dub Room Studios and then a recordist for Voicetrax West.  Chris is passionate about design, he leans on his art school background to set him apart from just being technically proficient.  Using Pro Tools, Ableton, and Native Instruments helps him to have the tools to knock any project out quickly.  He currently works as an audio engineer and sound designer.  Recent projects include: Patriots Day, Before the Flood, and Apple/NASA's Juno Project.  Past clients are Audi, Ford, Survivor, King of the Nerds (TBS), and The Hero (TNT). He has also recorded Voice Over artists for interactive gaming such as Dance Central 3 and the Walking Dead.  Additional past clients include: American Chopper, 101 Objects, Ultimate Factories, Top Shot, Special Videos Unit, Machinima and Taco Bell.


At Skwalker supervising the mix for Seahorse, an indy film I worked on.

The crew for Seahorse in front of a few goodies at Skywalker!

Always nice to see your work advertised in a Comic!

Cutting dialog for the Hero.