"Come Said the Night"      Sound Design + Mix
"Burning Dog"        Sound Design
                                       "The Woman In the Window"   Audio Engineering                                                                                                            Your mission: Complete and utter audio domination and superiority.  


Influential modern albums, one of the longest running reality television shows around, and award winning films.This is the experience that Bunker Studios brings to the table. Chris Holmes and Chris Richardson decided to join forces in 2016 while working together on several of Trent Reznors projects. Between the two of them, all of your creative and technical audio guidelines will be met and exceeded, with limited collateral damage. Email for rates and project coordination. 


Name: Chris Holmes Alias: "CHOLMES"

Cholmes Fake face.png
Abilities: Masterful strategist, Music Production Specialist, Highly tech savvy, wily editor, shock and awe baby, shock and awe.

Experience: Check the albums and sounds you love the most from the last decade (as well as some films) and you will hear the subtle hand of "Cholmes" shaping the soundscape and arrangements you love. Deployed on several tours as a playback and studio engineer for Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels, Cholmes is fully locked and loaded to rock and roll(ed?).

Name: Chris Richardson
ALIAS: "Scrutinizer PWND"
Blank face.jpg
Abilities: WILDCARD, Comms Specialist, Clandestine recording techniques, Sound Designer and Field Recordist

Experience: Cutting his teeth in the lowly ranks of Adult Swim, Chris has been making sounds such as PEW PEW PEW since he was 5 years old (back then it was playing with G.I. Joes). Continuing that trend into adulthood, he was part of the special ops record and rescue team for Survivor, The Hero, Top Shot, American Chopper and many more shows since coming to Los Angeles in 2011. Chris then spent the next five years working closely with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross as a sound designer and audio engineer on films and albums for NIN, he is currently a Sound Designer at The Sound Lab in Burbank.
Awards and Honors:
Emmy nomination for Best Edit and Mix for reality TV 2013
Captain of the Rocket League squad "Team RamRod". Eat it Cholmes! (Cholmes is CO CAPTAIN)